At Breton & Simon, PLC attorneys Bryce Breton and Brice Simon handle a wide range of cases requiring litigation. Civil litigation is a general term for a variety of legal disputes between individuals or businesses. Skillfully avoiding litigation is often preferable to a drawn out conflict. There are times, however, when it is necessary to enforce your rights through the courts. Automobile accident victims often require access to the courts to receive just compensation. Landlords require assistance evicting tenants who will not pay. Tenants need help when rental premises are not safe or they are victims of retaliation. Businesses must enforce contracts, and property owners need to enforce their titles. By focusing on the fundamentals of litigation, we have the flexibility to address the array of legal issues that must be ultimately determined through litigation.

We recently litigated a nusiance / trespass dispute to jury verdict and obtained a $60,000.00 judgment on behalf of our client.  The case is on appeal, and will be decided by the Vermont Supreme Court.